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1. Strengthen organizational leadership and work hard to create quality management mechanism.
Yantai Shuangta Food Co.,Ltd always has good social reputation like compliance management.The company focus on the healthy consumption of consumer and customer satisfaction ,and pay special attention to the quality management system construction, strengthen the management of quality management, establish and improve the leadership system and working mechanism.Furthermore,put the quality management into all company work target, achieve target like work with the business and the deployment,  implementation,inspection,examination, and the summary, make quality management standardization and institutionalization.
2. Improve the quality supervision system and further strengthen the product quality.
The concept of "quality first" is firmly established in shuangta food, and the chairman takes the lead in organizing relevant personnel to study and implement it. By further learning to establish and improve the quality of supervision and management system, quality management innovation mode, increasing the financial input in quality management, detailed examination content, timely rectification, to eliminate the quality problems.
3.Control the quality of the source to ensure that the product is green organic.
"control the good quality from the source," which is the principle taken by Yantai Shuangta Food Co.,Ltd.that from the fundamental enhancement of product quality control principle.Strictly control from the election of raw materials.First established the interaction mechanism of the system with the raw material base, from the selection of seeds to grow and harvest the food ,and keep close communication and interaction with the raw material production, in strict accordance with the fans raw material requirements for food crops the implementation of comprehensive monitoring. The raw materials have been inspected and tested with strict approval under the high standard. Once a batch of raw materials is found to be out of line with the enterprise standard, the inspection system will be returned immediately. At the same time, we will carry out special tests on samples, packaging materials and so on, and resolutely return the raw materials that do not meet the standards, so as to eliminate pollution sources from the source.
4. Implement the quality of scientific testing, and build a high-quality shuangta product.
In the past ten years, shuangta food has invested funds, bought a lot of advanced detection instrument and equipment, establishing the international leading product quality safety inspection system. The health quality management system of the company is complete, standardized,effective, and the hygiene control procedures for raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, finished products and production processes are implemented. In the process of processing, raw material acceptance and metal detection are the key processes that affect food hygiene. The shuangta food are closely monitoring records to ensure accurate and complete. At the same time, testing moisture content, whiteness, impurities, sulfur dioxide, aluminium, bacteria in semi-finished products everyday.Furthermore, timely revert testing date to the workshop and related personnel, which provides theoretical guidance for workshop control product quality.