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Production construction

Production construction

From 2000, in order to grow the business Shuangta have built several basic construction.

In 2000, the company built a high standard selecting workshop for vermicelli. There is 9 detail from cutting to selection, all the workers, packages are numbered. The trace system is established. All the detail can be traced to the from detail. And there is monitoring camera in workshop, the quality department can monitor the workshop all day long.
In 2002, established Longkou vermicelli technical exhibition area, equipped the top machine at that time, all sealed workshop, controlled by computer, full operation monitored, all process sterilization. Became the “milestone” of Longkou vermicelli modern production.

Longkou vermicelli technical exhibition area
In 2006, the company have built pea starch workshop. All the production process are automatically operated including raw material storage, soaking, separation, forming, and packing. The starch process is selecting, washing, grading, separation, biological separation, fiber separation, fermentation separation, starch wash, starch extraction. Selecting, biological separation, fiber separation, starch wash, starch extraction are created by our own. The organic vermicelli workshop is modern designed, all workshop is sealed, all monitored, sterilization, traced,. All material contact surface is stainless steel, easy to wash, avoid contamination.

High standard lab, vermicelli waste water gas power station system
In 2010, the company invest 0.6 billion RMB total 77,000 square meters area to build the new production area. The area is modern designed, high industrial standard, including office, tourist, production.