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Yantai Shuangt Food Co.,Ltd. Is approved Shandong academician workstation

Recently,Yantai Shuangt Food Co.,Ltd. set up jointly with the Chinese academy of engineering Baoguo Sun a academician workstation. Listed in ShanDong academician workstation(second batch)  record list and win the development fund five hundred thousand issued by the department of shandong province academician workstation .The shandong province academician is rooted in Yantai Shuangta Food Co.,Ltd ,which will promote the innovation of science and technology, and realize the development of scientific research achievements.
Yantai Shuangta Food Co.,Ltd will make this as platform ,and carry out a series of science and technology research and development work together with academician of Chinese academy of engineering- Bao guo Sun. Set up share innovation platform with universities and high-end tech team, to provide technical services and radiation technology,speed up the industrialization of high-tech achievement, the implementation of patent technology and pace , ensure to complete the construction of academician workstation targets as  planned.