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The company receive a subsidy of 5.37 million yuan for the central infrastructure investment.

On Sep 6th, the company “edible fungus project’ successfully obtained the central infrastructural investment subsidy fund, 5.37 million yuan subsidy fund has been allocated to the company account.
edible fungus project is an important link in the “1+10” circular economy industry chain, aiming to build a large scale and high level edible fungus factory production base. Factory construction has received the standard and domestic top level,equipped with central air-condition control systems. Automation management system, using the advanced domestic edible fungus production machinery and production technology, realized the yield of fungus in four seasons .
The project has the advantages of high technology content, strong radiation and great potential for development, and it will help to achieve the strategic goal of building the first brand of edible fungus
The central infrastructural investment subsidy will help the development if the edible fungus project , and will speed up the edible mushroom industry to a brighter future.