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80% mungbean protein
80% favabean protein manufacturers introduce the characteristics of broad beans
80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that broad beans are annual or perennial herbs, belonging to the legume family. 80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that the broad bean is one of the most important edible beans among legumes and vegetables. It can be used for stir-frying, salad dressing, and various small foods. It is a popular food.
80% pea protein in china introduces the edible production method of peas
Wash and drain the peas, soak the oyster mushrooms, wash and tear them into pieces, and peel the garlic and cut into pieces.
80% pea protein in china
After emergence, check the seedlings in time to make up for the deficiency, and cultivating and weeding 1-2 times. Heavy application of top-dressing fertilizer at the seedling stage, especially for fields without or less basal fertilizer, generally topdressing 5-7.5 kg of compound fertilizer or 5 kg of urea or 1,000 kg of decomposed human manure per mu.
Discount 80% textured pea protein introduces how to grow peas
The requirements for loam soil are not too high, as long as the soil layer is deep and the salinity is low, which will help the survival of seedlings and the growth of crops.
Discount 80% textured pea protein introduces ways to grow high-yielding peas
The open field cultivation of peas is generally carried out in flat plots or drills. It can be planted in ridges in low wetlands. When it is dry, ditch and water are used for sowing. One plot is sown in two rows, and the distance between the holes is 21-24 cm. There should be 3 to 5 true leaves before winter, because the seedlings in this period are more resistant to cold.
80% textured pea protein from China manufacturer
If you want to save the peas, use this method, peel all the peas, peel them into pieces, and then rinse them in water several times.
80% textured pea protein Wholesale Price explains how to store peas
If you want to keep it with the skin, let's take a look at this method. The peas we bought do not need to be peeled or cleaned, but they are easily damaged after washing.
80% textured pea protein Wholesale Price explains how peas are harvested
The harvesting of pea tips is mainly based on the young shoots. The height of the seedlings is 10-20 cm, and the top true leaves can be harvested when the top true leaves are just unfolded. When harvesting, only the top young shoots are picked. Harvest once every 7 to 10 days, 5 to 6 times in total. Once harvested, the whole plant is harvested when the seedling has 2 to 3 true leaves and the seedling height is 3 to 5 cm.
80% textured pea protein For sale introduces how to store peas
When buying peas, try to choose a dark green one that is big and plump. If the pod is yellow on the surface, don't pick it because it's old, it's a bit hard to eat, it's not tender enough, and the shriveled pod doesn't grow long. Cooked, of course, do not have to consider.