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Human Resources
80% chickpea protein introduces how to eat chickpea
Soak soy beans and chickpeas 8 hours in advance, wash and drain to remove water, prepare dried jasmine flowers and rock sugar;
3 days ago
80% chickpea protein introduces the knowledge of land preparation and fertilization of chickpea
Choose dry land with middle and upper fertility level or plots with convenient irrigation and no salt and alkali damage, and establish a three-year rotation system with crops such as wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton and sugar beet. The soil quality is preferably sandy loam, and it is not suitable to grow chickpeas on saline-alkali land and continuous cropping land.
80% chickpea protein pest knowledge
Compared with other legume crops, chickpeas have fewer pests that damage chickpeas during field growth.
80% chickpea protein tells the knowledge of chickpea field management
Thinning: Although chickpeas have strong adaptability to different row spacing, the appropriate population density is about 50 plants per square meter for varieties with upright plant types, and about 50 plants per square meter for varieties with loose plant types. There are 33 strains.
80% plant protein Manufacturers china using charge difference separation and purification knowledge
Protein molecules contain dissociable groups such as carboxyl and amino groups. Due to the different structures of different protein molecules, the composition of their ionizing groups and their exposure on the surface of the molecule are different, so the nature and net charge of different protein molecules are charged. Also different. According to the charge difference of protein molecules, electrophoresis and ion exchange chromatography can be used for separation and purification.
80% of the separation and purification knowledge of plant protein Manufacturers china!
80% of plant protein Manufacturers China is mainly derived from rice noodles and beans, but the protein nutritional value of rice noodles and beans are different.
A brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of 80% plant protein!
80% plant protein is an important source of human dietary protein. Cereals generally contain 6%-10% protein, but the types of essential amino acids contained therein are not complete. Potatoes contain 2%-3% protein.
Do you know the extraction method of 80% plant protein?
The advantages of extracting 80% plant protein by enzymatic method are high efficiency, mild reaction conditions, safe operation and no harmful substances;
Organic chickpea protein tells: the storage knowledge of chickpea!
Chickpea has a long flowering and pod-setting period, and the pod-setting parts are scattered, and the maturity periods of the upper and lower parts of the plant are often inconsistent. Therefore, it is advisable to harvest in time when 70% of the pods are yellow and white, and the seeds and pods have been separated.