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Industry news
80% of the separation and purification knowledge of plant protein Manufacturers china!
80% of plant protein Manufacturers China is mainly derived from rice noodles and beans, but the protein nutritional value of rice noodles and beans are different.
A brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of 80% plant protein!
80% plant protein is an important source of human dietary protein. Cereals generally contain 6%-10% protein, but the types of essential amino acids contained therein are not complete. Potatoes contain 2%-3% protein.
Do you know the extraction method of 80% plant protein?
The advantages of extracting 80% plant protein by enzymatic method are high efficiency, mild reaction conditions, safe operation and no harmful substances;
Organic chickpea protein tells: the storage knowledge of chickpea!
Chickpea has a long flowering and pod-setting period, and the pod-setting parts are scattered, and the maturity periods of the upper and lower parts of the plant are often inconsistent. Therefore, it is advisable to harvest in time when 70% of the pods are yellow and white, and the seeds and pods have been separated.
Organic mungbean protein tells: What are the morphological characteristics of mungbean?
An annual erect herb, 20-60 cm tall. The stem is brown and bristly hairy. The pinnate compound leaves have 3 leaflets; the stipules are scutellate, ovate, 0.8-1.2 cm long, ciliate; the small stipules are conspicuous, lanceolate.
Organic pea protein price china tells: Knowledge about the morphological characteristics of pea!
An annual climbing herb, 0.5-2 meters high. The whole plant is green, smooth and hairless, covered with powder and frost.
Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: What are the tips for planting peas!
Sandy loam or clay loam with good drainage and pH 6.0-7.5 is suitable. Continuous cropping of peas is avoided. It is ideal if it can be rotated with rice.
Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: Introduction to the protective measures of pea?
Sun-shading and cooling measures Summer cultivation is due to the high temperature, fast growth, short growth period, and small and few pods. Therefore, the sunshade net should be covered at the right time to effectively reduce the direct sunlight, reduce the air temperature and ground temperature, increase the soil humidity, and promote individual plants Growth and increase yield.
Organic pea protein price china tells: little knowledge about pest control of pea!
Causes of disease: The pathogen spreads through soil, diseased tissues and seeds, and invades through seed coats and lateral roots. It is easy to be confused with fusarium wilt. Generally, the disease is severe in drought years.