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80% pea protein isolate from China manufacturer introduces the knowledge of pea germination
Before planting peas, the ground should be leveled, usually in a deep, well-drained area. The north is mostly spring sowing, usually in March-April, and the south is autumn sowing, mostly in October-November. Before planting, soak the seeds in salt water, remove the dried seeds, wash the remaining ones, wrap them with gauze, and spray water every day to promote germination. It can be planted after germination, generally using the on-demand method, sowing 2-6 seeds per hole.
Quality 80% pea protein isolate introduces the things that peas need to pay attention to after planting
Quality 80% pea protein isolate editor reminds that when using drugs for prevention and treatment, we must pay attention to the concentration of drugs that are too strong or too light to achieve good results. When the small temple is unearthed and grows to 3 cm to 6 cm, or 10 cm to 13 cm, continuous cultivating and weeding are performed once. When hoeing the ground, the roots are also cultivated, but the soil layer that cannot be put in is too thick and too strict.
Quality 80% pea protein isolate introduces the preservation tips of pea
After all the pea skins have been removed, be sure to check whether there are any bad fruits in the pea kernels. If there are bad fruits, you need to pick them out in advance to avoid affecting other peas, causing all the peas to go bad.
80% pea protein isolate Wholesale Price introduces the edible knowledge of peas
Method introduction: Put the bottom oil in the pot, put the dried chili and fry it to get the fragrance, add the washed and picked pods and stir-fry, add salt and pepper, and fry for about a minute. When it comes out of the pot, you can put less chicken essence before turning off the heat. Then the pea pods are fried, and the Cuicui is very sweet and very delicious!
80% pea protein isolate Wholesale Price introduces the morphological characteristics of pea
Pea is an annual climbing herb, 0.5-2 meters high. The whole plant is green, smooth and hairless, covered with powder and frost.
Low price Organicfavabean protein introduces the storage method of broad beans
First, buy a certain amount of broad beans. Of course, the specific amount depends on the actual situation. If you want to eat more, prepare more.
Low price Organicfavabean protein introduces the practice of broad beans
Soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in advance, and prepare the glutinous rice and rice for later use. Boil the small row and drain. Shred the bacon and shiitake mushrooms.
Organicfavabean protein from China manufacturer introduces the prevention and control measures of broad bean red spot disease
Agricultural control: Planting disease-resistant varieties and carrying out reasonable crop rotation. This requires growers to adopt high-border and deep furrow cultivation, so that the rainwater can be discharged in time after the rain, thereby reducing the humidity in the field. And in the process of planting, it should be properly planted closely, and at the same time pay attention to ventilation and light transmission.
Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price talks about broad bean field management tips
Pre-emergence weeding is better. Choose a suitable herbicide for "pre-emergence weeding" within 3 days after sowing of broad beans. Avoid using biocidal herbicides before sowing. The herbicide should be used strictly according to the instructions.