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Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: What are the tips for planting peas!
Sandy loam or clay loam with good drainage and pH 6.0-7.5 is suitable. Continuous cropping of peas is avoided. It is ideal if it can be rotated with rice.
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Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: Introduction to the protective measures of pea?
Sun-shading and cooling measures Summer cultivation is due to the high temperature, fast growth, short growth period, and small and few pods. Therefore, the sunshade net should be covered at the right time to effectively reduce the direct sunlight, reduce the air temperature and ground temperature, increase the soil humidity, and promote individual plants Growth and increase yield.
Organic pea protein price china tells: little knowledge about pest control of pea!
Causes of disease: The pathogen spreads through soil, diseased tissues and seeds, and invades through seed coats and lateral roots. It is easy to be confused with fusarium wilt. Generally, the disease is severe in drought years.
Cheapest Organic pea protein introduces what is the breeding method of peas?
Seed selection and germination: use 40% salt water to select seeds before sowing to remove the seeds that are not floating or are damaged by insects. Before sowing, the seeds are germinated. When the seeds show buds, the seeds are treated at a low temperature of 0-2°C for 15 days before sowing.
Cheapest Organic pea protein tells: knowledge of peas cultivation!
Pea is cultivated in many areas of our country, and it is easy to encounter some problems in the process of cultivation. If you want it to be high-yield, you must pay attention to the cultivation period and some management methods.
Do you know the extraction method of Cheapest Organic pea protein isolate?
A process method for extracting Cheapest Organic pea protein isolate, including raw material selection, pea soaking, cleaning and peeling, grinding, supernatant collection, precipitation and drying.
The 80% mungbean protein price tells you: Do you know what it is about mungbean soil preparation and dense planting?
Because mung bean is a dicotyledonous crop, the cotyledons are unearthed, and the seedling top soil ability is weak. If the soil is compacted or there is too much soil, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of lack of seedlings, broken ridges or uneven seedlings. Therefore, before sowing, deep ploughing and fine harrowing, fine land preparation, and raking the soil are required to loosen the soil, store water and preserve moisture, prevent soil compaction, and the upper part is virtual and the lower part is solid, so as to facilitate the implementation of crop rotation and stubble emergence.
80% mungbean protein price small class explanation: What are the production habits and purchasing knowledge of mungbean?
Mung beans are temperature-loving, and the suitable temperature for emergence and growth is 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, and higher temperatures are required during the growth period. It starts to sprout at 8 to 12 degrees.
Do you know the extraction method of 80% mungbean protein price?
Before extracting 80% mungbean protein price, it should be processed by soaking, drying, crushing and sieving. The selection of the extraction method for 80% mungbean protein price is very important. The extraction method directly affects the protein content and the quality of the peptide.