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Discount 80% mungbean protein explains how to store mung beans
Mung beans that can't be eaten in summer can be stored in plastic pots or plastic bottles, or better in the refrigerator, which can be stored in the next summer.
3 days ago
Discount 80% mungbean protein introduces how to select mung beans
When purchasing mung beans, we should choose mung beans with larger particles, because such mung beans have higher nutritional value and better taste.
Discount 80% mungbean protein introduces what mung beans should pay attention to when sowing
Before sowing, soak the seeds in water for about 12 hours, and then separate the suspended "hard particles" and insect-eaten seeds to improve the emergence rate.
customized 80% mungbean protein teaches you how to grow mung beans in pots
Prepare suitable potting soil first. There are not many requirements for choosing flowerpots. If there is no suitable flowerpot, you can use cardboard boxes or foam boxes at home. The effect is also good, but you need to tie a few small holes at the bottom. , If the water is too much, it can flow out.
customized 80% mungbean protein tells about the storage knowledge of mung bean
Mung beans are often stored in the kitchen, but mung beans are very difficult to store and are always prone to small bugs, especially in summer. Mung beans, if there are bad sectors of mung beans or spoiled mung beans, pick them out.
quality 80% mungbean protein products tells the knowledge of mung bean pest control
From sowing and emergence to harvesting and storage of mung bean, the main pests are aphids, red spiders, cotton bollworm, bean pods, heartworms, thrips, mung bean weevil, etc. The main diseases are root rot, virus disease, leaf spot, powdery mildew and so on.
quality 80% mungbean protein products tells the weeding knowledge of mungbean cultivation
It can not only eliminate weeds, but also break soil compaction, loosen soil, reduce evaporation, increase ground temperature, and promote root nodule activity, which is a measure to increase mung bean production.
Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales introduces the knowledge of pea planting
Choose a good place to grow peas. Because the root system of this plant is very developed, it is drought tolerant but not waterlogging, so it must be planted in a dry environment. Deep, well-drained soil also prevents the roots from flooding and helps them breathe.
Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales introduces how peas reproduce
Use 40% salt water to select seeds before sowing, and remove the seeds that are not full or infested by insects. The seeds were germinated before sowing. When the seeds showed buds, the seeds were treated at a low temperature of 0-2°C for 15 days before sowing.