Favabean protein supplier china introduces fava bean

The favabean protein supplier china tells you that fava beans can also be used as raw materials for aquaculture feed. The favabean protein suppliers china tells you that in freshwater aquaculture, the fava bean is extracted from fava bean through experimental methods, and then the fava bean extract is mixed with fish meal, soybean meal, cotton meal, rapeseed meal, soybean oil, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, and bile chloride Alkaline and other raw materials are formulated into feed for feeding grass carp.

favabean protein supplier china
The favabean protein supplier china tells you that fava beans have positive effects on the growth, muscle composition, and serum biochemical indicators of grass carp, and can increase the weight gain rate and survival rate of grass carp. Experimental studies have shown that the growth of grass carp is significantly better than that of grass carp fed with common feed when fed with feed containing broad beans or broad bean extracts, which fully demonstrates the application value of broad beans in feed.
Eat carefully. The favabean protein supplier china tells you that broad beans should not be eaten raw, and those with weak spleens and stomachs should not eat more. Patients with broad bean allergy, hereditary red blood cell deficiency, and favism should not eat it. Eating too much may cause abdominal distension, and those with indigestion can control the amount in a handful every day.
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