Favabean protein Manufacturers china introduces broad bean field management

1. Reasonable drainage and irrigation. The favabean protein Manufacturers china tells you that the fields with high water content in the field should be drained in time to ensure the emergence of seedlings is the key to a high yield of broad bean. The favabean protein Manufacturers china tells you that during the flowering and pod period of broad bean, arrange irrigation according to the soil moisture, so as to avoid a large number of falling flowers and pods during the flowering and pod period, at the same time ensure that the broad bean is fully filled and obtain the highest possible 100-grain weight.

favabean protein Manufacturers china
2. Fertilizer application. The favabean protein Manufacturers china tells you that for topdressing, apply 5-8 kg of urea per mu to the broad bean seedling stage in a barren land to promote seedling growth, and early branching is conducive to flowering and pod formation. At the initial flowering stage and the pod stage, 15 kg of compound fertilizer (10:10:10), and 10 kg of urea, mashed and soaked in water were applied once each. For broad bean fields where fresh pods are harvested, every time green pods are harvested 1-2 times, 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 0.3% urea + 0.2% boron fertilizer solution can be used for foliar spraying according to the growth and seedling conditions.
3. Weed control. The favabean protein Manufacturers china tells you that a pre-emergence wedding is the best method, and you should choose a suitable herbicide within 3 days after sowing broad beans for a "pre-emergence wedding". Do not use herbicides before sowing. Herbicides should be used strictly according to the instructions. Avoid chemical weeding as far as possible after the broad beans emerge. Generally, artificial weeding is carried out between the budding stage and the flowering stage of the broad beans, and the soil is loosened and cultivated.
4. Harvest at the right time. The favabean protein Manufacturers china tells you that dry grain production is done when the broad bean leaves turn yellow and dry, and the stems are yellow-green and dehydrated. Use a windrower to dry them in the field, and use a thresher when the whole plant is dry. Threshing, cleaning, and sealing fumigation to prevent damage by bean weevils.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the favabean protein Manufacturers china, hope it helps you.

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