Favabean protein from China tells about broad bean

Favabean protein from China tells you that the raceme of broad bean is axillary, and the pedicel is almost absent; the calyx is bell-shaped, the calyx teeth are lanceolate, and the lower calyx teeth are longer; -6) The flowers are clustered in the leaf axils, the corolla is white, with purple veins and black spots.

Favabean protein from China
Favabean protein from China tells you that a broad bean is generally 2-3.5 cm long, the middle part of the flag petal is constricted, the base is attenuated, the wing petal is shorter than the flag petal, longer than the keel petal; stamens are 2 (9+1), and the ovary is linear and sessile, ovules 2-4 (-6), style densely white pilose, with a tuft of beard on the abaxial surface at the apex.
Favabean protein from China tells you that the pods of broad beans are thick, 5-10 cm long, and 2-3 cm wide; the epidermis is green and downy, with white spongy inside and a diaphragm, and the epidermis turns black when mature. Seeds 2-4 (-6), oblong-round, nearly oblong, concave in the middle, leathery, turquoise, gray-green to brown, sparsely purple or black; hilum linear, black, located at one end of the seed. The flowering period is April-May, and the fruiting period is May-June.
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