Main value of broad bean from Organicfavabean proteins

The broad bean of organicfavabean protein is one of the earliest bean crops cultivated by human beings. There are more than 40 countries in the world planting broad beans, and the broad bean of Organicfavabean protein is used as grain grinding to make cakes and snacks. When tender, it is used as a new vegetable or feed. The seeds contain 22.35% protein and 43% starch.

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The Organicfavabean protein's broad beans are not only important export agricultural products but also have various uses in farming systems. The rotation of legumes and other crops is beneficial to increase the nitrogen content in the soil and is an economical crop.
processing applications. The broad bean of Organicfavabean protein has a wide range of uses, such as edible, fertilizer, feed, and mainly edible. Fresh broad beans can be directly cooked and eaten, or processed into broad bean products.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Main value of broad bean from the Organicfavabean proteins, hope it helps you.

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