Morphological characteristics of broad bean from Organicfavabean proteins

The Organicfavabean protein fava beans are annual herbs, 30-100 (120) cm tall. The plant morphology of the Organicfavabean protein broad bean is the stubby taproot, with many fibrous roots, pink nodules, and dense. Stems stout, erect, 0.7-1 cm in diameter, quadrangular, hollow, glabrous.

Organicfavabean protein from China manufacturer
The Organicfavabean protein fava bean plant is even-pinnate compound leaves, tendrils at the top of the leaf axis are shortened to short cusps; with dark purple dense glandular dots;
The leaflets of the Organicfavabean proteins fava bean plants are usually 1-3 pairs, alternate, the upper leaflets can reach 4-5 pairs, and the base is less. Leaflets are elliptic, oblong, or obovate, sparsely round, 4-6 (-10) cm long, and 1.5-4 cm wide. The apex is rounded and blunt, with a short point, the base is cuneate, the margin is entire, and both surfaces are glabrous.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Morphological characteristics of broad beans from the Organicfavabean proteins, hope it helps you.

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