Introduction of fava beans by Organicfavabean Protein

Organicfavabean protein's broad bean (scientific name: Vicia faba L.), belonging to the legume family, the genus Vicia, is an annual or over-the-year herb. Organicfavabean protein's broad bean is the third most important winter food bean crop in the world.

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Organicfavabean protein's broad bean has high nutritional value, and its protein content is 25%-35%. Broad beans are also rich in sugar, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and iron. In addition, as a nitrogen-fixing crop, the broad beans can convert molecular nitrogen in nature into nitrogen compounds and increase soil nitrogen content.
Organicfavabean protein's broad beans are widely grown and have been an important food resource since ancient times, as well as an important export resource. Broad beans belong to small grains and have very important value in life. It can be used as a traditional ration, as well as a modern green food and nutritional health food. It is a food crop and animal feed rich in nutrients and protein. The fava bean chromosome group was diploid (n=6).
Through the above introduction and analysis of fava beans by Organicfavabean Protein, hope it helps you.

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