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The organicfavabean protein manufacturer tells you that broad beans are a relatively healthy food, and their nutritional value is extremely rich. Here, we still recommend that you eat them properly in the season when broad beans are on the market. The organicfavabean protein manufacturer tells you that but pay attention that broad beans cannot be eaten raw, and people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more, and do not eat too much, too much will cause abdominal distension, when eating this kind of broad beans, control the amount of a handful every day. That's it.

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The organicfavabean protein manufacturer tells you that broad bean (scientific name: Vicia faba L.) belongs to the legume family, the genus Vicia, an annual or perennial herb.
Organicfavabean protein manufacturers tell you that fava beans are the third most important winter edible bean crop in the world. Broad bean has high nutritional value, and their protein content is 25%-35%. Broad beans are also rich in sugar, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and iron. In addition, as a nitrogen-fixing crop, the broad bean can convert molecular nitrogen in nature into nitrogen compounds and increase soil nitrogen content.
The above information is the Organicfavabean protein manufacturer's introduction and analysis of favabean, hope it helps you.

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