80% favabean protein manufacturers introduce fava beans

80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that fava beans, an annual or biennial herbs. For grain, vegetables, and feed, green manure combined crops. 80% of favabean protein manufacturers tell you that broad beans are generally believed to originate from Southwest Asia and North Africa, and are grown from the tropics to latitude 63°N.

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80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that China has the most fava beans in Sichuan. Broad bean plant height is 30 to 180 cm. Stems are erect, quadrangular, and hollow, with larger vascular bundles on the four corners. Pinnately compound leaves. Racemes, flowers butterfly-shaped. Pods, seeds flat, slightly oblong, or nearly spherical.
80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that the flowering period of broad bean is generally from March to May. Broad bean is a long-day crop. Likes warm and humid climate and clay loam with a pH of 6.2 to 8. The water demand is large, but the soil is too wet and prone to blight and rust. To organic fertilizer and phosphorus, potash-based.
80% of favabean protein manufacturers tell you that Rhizobium can symbiotically fix nitrogen with it. The main diseases are rust, red spot, and blight. The main pest is the broad bean elephant. The protein content of broad bean grains is about 25% to 28% and contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids. The carbohydrate content is 47% to 60%. Edible, can also be made into sauce, soy sauce, vermicelli, vermicelli, and vegetables. It can also be used for fodder, green manure, and nectar plant cultivation.
80% favabean protein manufacturers tell you that the nutrients contained in 100 grams of broad beans are as follows: Calories (335.00 kcal). Protein (21.60 grams). Fat (1.00 grams). Pantothenic acid (0.48 mg). Carbohydrates (59.80 grams). Folic acid (260.00 mcg) . Dietary fiber (3.10 g). Vitamin A (52.00 mcg) . Vitamin K (13.00 mcg) . Carotene (310.00 mcg) . Niacin (1.50 mg). Vitamin C (16.00 mg) . Vitamin E (0.83 mg) . Calcium (16.00 mg). Phosphorus (200.00 mg) . . Iron (3.50 mg) . Zinc (1.37 mg). Selenium (2.02 mcg). Copper (0.39 mg). Manganese (0.55 mg).
The above information is the 80% favabean protein manufacturer's introduction and analysis of the fava beans, hope it helps you.

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