80% pea protein in china introduce trapping and topdressing of peas

Do you know the method of filling leakage and top dressing of peas? Let's follow the editor of 80% pea protein in china for a brief understanding!
After emergence, check the seedlings in time to make up for the deficiency, and cultivating and weeding 1-2 times. Heavy application of top-dressing fertilizer at the seedling stage, especially for fields without or less basal fertilizer, generally topdressing 5-7.5 kg of compound fertilizer or 5 kg of urea or 1,000 kg of decomposed human manure per mu. For tall stalk varieties, when the temperature rises in spring and the plants begin to elongate, insert small bamboos with tops or branches with branches (leaves removed) between the rows, so that the bean plants can climb and grow. Peas are not resistant to water stains, and attention should be paid to clearing and drainage in spring. More nutrients are needed when flowering and pod formation. Apply 7.5 kg of urea and 5 kg of ternary compound fertilizer per mu. In the drum stage, 1% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate were sprayed twice.

80% pea protein in china
The above is the editor of 80% pea protein in china:A brief introduction to the knowledge of trapping and topdressing of peas.

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