Discount 80% textured pea protein introduces ways to grow high-yielding peas

Do you know how to grow high yielding peas? Let's follow the editor of Discount 80% textured pea protein to have a simple understanding!
1. Seed treatment
Before sowing, select the seeds, pour the seeds into 40% salt water, and remove the floating unfilled and insect-infested seeds. Dry the seeds for 2 to 3 days before sowing to improve seed viability and early emergence. In fields that have not been planted with peas, inoculating rhizobia at sowing can increase pea yields.
2. Field fertilization
Generally, 2,000 kilograms of decomposed farmyard manure, 20-30 kilograms of superphosphate, 7-10 kilograms of potassium sulfate or 50-100 kilograms of plant ash are applied per mu. For fields with poor soil fertility and early-maturing varieties with short growth periods, 5-10 kg of urea should be added to the base fertilizer to grow strong seedlings and quickly form root nodules.

Discount 80% textured pea protein
3. Sowing
The open field cultivation of peas is generally done in flat plots or drills. It can be planted in ridges in low wetlands. When it is dry, ditch and water are used for sowing. One plot is sown in two rows. The distance between the holes is 21-24 cm. There should be 3 to 5 true leaves before winter, because the seedlings in this period are more resistant to cold.
The above is the description of Discount 80% textured pea protein: an introduction to the method of growing high-yield peas.

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