80% textured pea protein For sale

Do you know how to grow peas? 80% textured pea protein For sale Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.
1. Sow seedlings
The planting of peas can be divided into three types: spring planting, autumn planting and overwinter planting. Spring planting is generally in February and March, autumn planting in September, and overwintering in November. Before sowing, put the seeds in salt water, take out the unqualified seeds that float up, and then germinate before sowing. Before sowing, apply enough basal fertilizer, mainly organic fertilizer, and then add some calcium phosphate to mix and apply.

80% textured pea protein For sale
2. Field management
After emergence, two or three shallow tillage and weeding can be carried out, and proper shallow tillage can promote the development of the root system. If the weather is dry after sowing, water it in time, and keep the soil dry after emergence to prevent root rot. During the flowering and fruiting periods, peas have stricter water requirements, watering should be done frequently in droughts, and waterlogging should be paid attention to after rain. After the flower buds grow out, apply fertilizer once, and when the buds grow, it can be applied once every two weeks, mainly compound fertilizer.
3. Pests and diseases
The main diseases and insect pests of peas are downy mildew, powdery mildew, stem rot, mosaic disease, aphids and leafminers, etc. The diseases can be controlled by spraying carbendazim and metalaxyl, and chrysanthemum vinegar can be used for aphids and leafminers. The pesticides should be sprayed, and the plants infected with pests and diseases should be removed in time to prevent infection.
The above is the introduction of 80% textured pea protein For sale: the introduction of the cultivation method of peas.

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