Discount 80% mungbean protein introduces how to select mung beans

Do you know how to pick green beans? Discount 80% mungbean protein Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.
1. Size selection: When purchasing mung beans, we should choose mung beans with larger particles, because such mung beans have higher nutritional value and better taste.
2. Choose according to the shape: The shape of mung beans is mostly oval, not particularly round. Most of the mung beans that look particularly round are soaked in potion.
3. Select according to color: the color of high-quality mung bean is bean green, and the color is uniform without color difference, the color of inferior mung bean varies, and even a mung bean will appear in two colors.

Discount 80% mungbean protein
4. Observe whether there are insect eyes: mung beans are very susceptible to insect bites during storage, so when selecting mung beans, we should pay attention to observe whether there are insect bites on the surface of mung beans. If there are any, it is not recommended to buy.
5. Observe whether there is germination: mung beans will germinate under suitable temperature and humidity, so when we purchase mung beans, we should pay attention to observe whether the skin of mung beans has cracks or not, and whether there is germination. If there is, it is not recommended. Buy.
The above is the description of Discount 80% mungbean protein: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the selection method of mung beans.

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