customized 80% mungbean protein teaches you how to grow mung beans in pots

Do you know how to grow mung beans in pots? Customized 80% mungbean protein Xiaobian to tell you how to grow.
1. Prepare the potting soil
Prepare suitable potting soil first. There are not many requirements for choosing flower pots. If there is no suitable flower pot, you can use cardboard boxes or foam boxes at home. The effect is also good, but you need to tie a few small holes at the bottom. , If the water is too much, it can flow out. If you choose to plant in the ground, you can find a garden with good sunlight, and it is also possible to plant in this way. The soil needs to be fertile, breathable, loose, and contain nutrients.
2. Processing mung beans
First think about the needs of the variety, there are creeping and upright growth, and choose the seeds according to your own needs. Choose the plump, firm and firm mung beans, which are full of vigor and vitality, and have a higher survival rate when planted. Soak the mung beans in water, pick out the shriveled and damaged ones, leaving only the healthy ones that are not damaged. Soak the mung beans in water and wait for them to sprout.

customized 80% mungbean protein
3. Do the seeding
Level the soil to ensure it is loose and soft, and then collect the germinated seeds, and then evenly sow them into the soil, paying attention to the spacing, not too densely arranged, and covering it with a layer of soil. After planting, pour water into it, and then maintain the surrounding temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius.
The above is customized 80% mungbean protein Xiaobian tells: the method of growing mung beans in pots.

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