Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales introduces the knowledge of pea planting

Do you know how to grow peas? Today, Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales Xiaobian will take you to a brief understanding.
1. Leveling
Choose a good place to grow peas. Because the root system of this plant is very developed, it is drought tolerant but not waterlogging, so it must be planted in a dry environment. Deep, well-drained soil also prevents the roots from flooding and helps them breathe. In addition, whether the soil is fertile or not also plays a vital role in the development of plants.
2. Sowing time
Peas are sown at different times in different regions. In the areas north of the Yangtze River, spring sowing is usually carried out, usually in March-April, and harvesting can be done in July-August. The area south of the Yangtze River is sown in autumn, so the seeds should be sown in October-November, and harvested in April-May of the second year.

3. Seed soaking and germination
Peas need to be primed before sowing. Soak the seeds in 40% salt water first, remove the dried or insect-infested seeds, then wash the remaining seeds with clean water, wrap them with gauze, and spray water every day to moisturize them. Open the gauze, put it in an environment of 2 ℃, and it will germinate in about 15 days.
4. Sow seeds
Generally, peas should be sown by on-demand method. 2-6 seeds are planted in a hole, and the interval between holes should be 10-20 cm. After sowing, soil should be covered with a thickness of 5-6 cm. If the climate is dry, Could be thicker. When the seedlings grow to 8-10 cm tall and have 2-4 leaves, they can be transplanted.
The above is what Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge of pea planting.

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