Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales introduces how peas reproduce

How much do you know about how peas reproduce? Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales Xiaobian will take you to a simple understanding.
1. Seed selection and germination: Use 40% salt water to select seeds before sowing to remove the seeds that are not full or that are infested by insects. The seeds were germinated before sowing. When the seeds showed buds, the seeds were treated at a low temperature of 0-2°C for 15 days before sowing.
2. Rhizobium seed dressing: dressing pea seeds with Rhizobium is an effective measure to increase production. After dressing with rhizobia, the root nodules increase, the stems and leaves grow vigorously, the pods are more, and the yield is high. The seed dressing method is to use 10-19 grams of rhizobia per acre, add a little water and mix with the seeds before sowing.

3. Timely sowing: Before sowing in the field, apply fully decomposed manure, compost and a certain amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, especially the application of phosphorus fertilizer has obvious effect of increasing production. Sow 2-6 seeds in the hole and cover 5-6 cm of soil when the soil is moist. When the soil is dry, cover slightly thicker. Use 10-15 kg of seeds per acre.
The above is the introduction of Cheapest pea protein isolate on sales: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the reproduction method of peas.

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