Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price introduces the morphological characteristics of broad bean

How much do you know about the morphological characteristics of broad beans? The Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief look at it.
Broad bean has a conical root system consisting of a taproot and lateral roots. The main root is thick and strong, and the depth of the soil is about 1 meter. The main root has a lateral root system, which extends horizontally and grows 50 cm around the main root. Broad bean roots have root nodules, which are pink oblong shapes.
two. Stem
Broad bean stems are upright, quadrangular, hollow in the middle and more sap, the stem surface is smooth, the general plant height is about 30-150 cm, and the stems turn black when mature. In the seedling stage, different varieties can be distinguished by the different colors of the young stems.

three. Leaf
The cotyledons of broad bean are relatively fat and germinate in the soil; the true leaves are feathery alternate even-numbered compound leaves composed of 2-8 leaflets. The leaflets that grow from one or two nodes at the base of the main stem are called basal leaves, and the leaves that grow from the third node and above are larger. The leaflets are thick, oval, glabrous, green on the front and slightly whitish on the back.
four. Flowers and fruits
The flowers of broad bean are short racemes, which are born on the pedicels between the leaf axils. Each inflorescence gathers 2-6 small flowers, only 1-2 effective pods are formed. The flowers are butterfly-shaped, and the corolla is white-purple or pure white, but there is a large black spot in the petals. Most of the flowers of broad bean are self-pollinated, and some cross-pollination occurs due to poor flower growth.
Broad bean pods are flat, with fluff on the peel, and are cylindrical. Different varieties have different pod lengths, each pod contains 2-4 seeds; the pod skin is thick and fluffy in the early stage of the pod, and the surface is green; after maturity, the pod skin becomes thin and brown. Seeds are flat and oval, with a slightly uneven surface, and a black or gray-white hilum at the base. Seeds are green before they mature and can take on the color of the variety when they mature. Such as: green, gray, brown, etc.
The above is the editor of Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the morphological characteristics of broad beans.

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