Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price introduces the growth characteristics of broad bean

How much do you know about the production characteristics of broad beans? Follow the editor of Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price to have a simple understanding of it!

The root system of broad bean is relatively developed, which can enter the soil layer of 60-100 cm, and the root nodules are formed earlier. Stems are square, hollow, erect, and have strong branching power, which can grow from 4 to 5 or 8 to 10 or more branches from the base. Leaves alternate, even-pinnate compound leaves, leaflets elliptic, alternate at the base, and opposite at the apex. Flowers axillary, raceme. Corolla purple-white or pure white. There are 2 to 6 flowers per inflorescence, and one to two flowers are generally able to form pods, and the rate of pod formation is low. The pods are flat cylindrical with seeds hard greenish-brown or light green, oblate. Thousand-grain weight 900 to 2 500 grams. Broad bean has strong cold resistance, and the seeds can begin to germinate at 5 to 6 °C, but the optimum germination temperature is 16 °C. Seedlings can endure low temperatures around -5°C, and are easy to freeze to death at -6°C. The optimum temperature for growth is 20-25°C. Broad bean does not have strict requirements on light, but has higher requirements on soil moisture, so it is suitable for cool and humid climates. It has a wide adaptability to soil, sandy loam, clay, paddy soil, alkaline soil, etc. can be cultivated. For the requirements of soil nutrition, in the seedling stage when no nodules are formed, appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer should be applied. The requirements for phosphorus and potassium are also larger. Magnesium and boron have a good effect on faba bean fertility. Boron deficiency in soil can easily hinder the reproduction of rhizobia and cause poor plant growth.
The above is the editor of Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the production characteristics of broad beans.

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