Organic mungbean protein Wholesale Price introduces the environmental requirements of mungbean

Do you know what are the environmental requirements of mung bean? The Organic mungbean protein Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief look at it.

Temperature: Mung bean is a thermophilic crop. Sowing can be done when the surface soil temperature is stable at 15-16°C on average, and can germinate at 20°C, but the germination will be slow when the temperature is as low as 14°C, and the germination speed will be very fast when the temperature is 30-40°C. But the seedlings will be weaker. Higher seedlings can emerge at 42°C. The suitable temperature is 15-25 ℃, germination is rapid, and the germination rate is also high. The seedlings have a certain resistance to low temperature. The cold resistance is strong before the true leaves appear. The short-term spring cold has little effect on the seedlings, and the cold resistance is weakened after the true leaves appear.
During the peak growth period of mung bean, the average temperature of 18-25 ℃ can grow very well. When the temperature is higher than 30 ℃, it is not good. If the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, it will also affect the growth of roots and stems and leaves, and delay its growth. flowering and maturity. If the flowering period of mung bean is lower than 20 ℃ or higher than 28 ℃, there are few flowers, and 22-26 ℃ is suitable. The growth period of mung bean is sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is high, the heat will be dissipated in advance. If the yield decreases and the temperature drops sharply or encounters early frost, the seeds cannot fully mature. Implants will suffer frostbite when the temperature drops below 0°C. Usually, the accumulated temperature of mung bean varieties from emergence to the end of flowering is 839-1159 °C, which is roughly the same as the amount of accumulated temperature required for pods to mature or a little more in the later stage.
The above is the editor of Organic mungbean protein Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the environmental requirements of mung beans.

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