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How much do you know about chickpeas? The editor of Buy Organic chickpea protein products will take you to a brief look at it.
1. Seed selection method and sowing time
The planting steps of chickpeas are actually different from those of other crops. We generally choose to sow in spring or autumn. Of course, before sowing, the important thing is to select seeds. Only by selecting good seeds can good crops be produced. I believe Everyone clearly understands that seeds can be bought in the market or selected from the seeds planted in previous years. To ensure the survival rate of the seeds, we must put the seeds into the medicine for soaking treatment to promote rooting and germination, and at the same time Prevent seedling diseases.
2. Soil selection
The choice of soil is a very important link. Chickpeas like fertile soil very much, and some sandy soil is recommended. These conditions are actually not very strict. We need to plant on relatively soft soil. This requires us to do a good job of loosening the soil in advance, and to do a good job of drainage. After growing, we need to weed in time.

3. Fertilization method
After the land is selected and sorted, we will carry out the fertilization process. At this time, we need to sprinkle enough basal fertilizer to ensure the growth of the plants. For sowing in autumn, we only need to spread the seeds we have prepared on the prepared land. , In general, we are 900kg sowing per mu. Before fertilizing, we have to do another job, that is, ditching. This should be familiar. The distance between fertilizer and seeds should not be too close. It is recommended to keep it at about 8 cm.
4. Sowing density adjustment
To be honest, the growth ability of chickpeas is still very strong. Although it can grow under different planting densities, we need to make appropriate density adjustment for higher quality and high yield. , each square fixed plant is about 50, which is more suitable.
The above is the editor of Buy Organic chickpea protein products: a brief introduction to the knowledge of chickpeas.

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