Low price Organic chickpea protein products introduces the climatic conditions for growing chickpeas

Do you know what the climatic conditions of chickpeas are? Follow the editor of Low price Organic chickpea protein products for a brief understanding!
1. Temperature
Chickpea plants are inherently cold hardy and can withstand temperatures of -9°C in the seedling stage or under snow cover. During the growth period of chickpeas, the suitable temperature is 21-29 ℃ during the day and 15-21 ℃ at night. According to different varieties, the active accumulated temperature required for chickpeas to emerge to flowering is 750-800 ℃, and the active accumulated temperature required from emergence to maturity is 1 900-2 800 ℃. Therefore, chickpeas can be grown in areas with an average annual accumulated temperature within this range.
2. Moisture
Chickpeas have a well-developed root system, the main root can reach a depth of 2 m, and it has strong drought resistance and low water requirements. It can be planted in places with an annual rainfall of 200-600 mm. Chickpeas do not like the environment with too much rain and too wet soil. Due to poor drainage in the field, plant growth and development will be inhibited, root nodules will not develop well, and root nodules will reduce nitrogen fixation; but in the critical period of water demand for chickpea growth and development, That is, the 4-6 true leaf stage and the pod formation stage. In case of drought, timely irrigation and watering are required to ensure a high yield and a bumper harvest of chickpeas.

3. Lighting
Chickpeas are long-day crops and respond in general to photoperiods. Early-maturing varieties are not greatly affected by light conditions; but for mid-to-late-maturing chickpea varieties, long-day light can make the flowering period earlier, while short-day light can prolong the vegetative growth period, lush plant growth, and delay the flowering period.
The above is what the editor of Low price Organic chickpea protein products tells: a brief introduction to the climatic conditions of chickpea cultivation.

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