80% pea protein isolate from China manufacturer introduces the soil conditions and sowing knowledge of pea planting

How much do you know about the soil conditions and sowing knowledge of pea planting? 80% pea protein isolate from China manufacturer Xiaobian brings you a brief understanding.
1. Soil conditions
Compared with other crops, the production capacity of peas is relatively strong. It does not require high soil. It can be grown in many types of soils. However, if you want high yields of peas, you cannot choose the planting site where the acidity is relatively high. If the pH of the planting site is not suitable, it needs to be adjusted with plant ash or lime. Peas cannot sit on a single planting field. It takes 4-5 years of crop rotation to provide good soil conditions for peas. Before planting, soil ploughing should be carried out. When ploughing, base fertilizer should be applied, mainly farmyard manure. to provide sufficient water for the growth of peas.

2. Sowing
Generally speaking, the seeds of peas cannot be planted directly, because their skin is relatively hard, and the seeds need to be germinated before they can be sown. Put the seeds in 40% salt water for selection, remove some dry and floating unqualified seeds, and then germinate. When the seedlings of peas are exposed, put them in an environment of 0-2 degrees to let them It grows naturally and can be sown in about half a month. Control the time when sowing. The scientific planting time is related to the future yield. Generally speaking, peas are sown in April-May in spring. If you choose to sow in winter, it should be sown in October-November. Pay attention to the time, do not sow too early to avoid freezing and death of plants.
The above is the introduction of 80% pea protein isolate from China manufacturer: the soil conditions for pea planting and the knowledge of sowing.

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