Quality 80% pea protein isolate introduces the things that peas need to pay attention to after planting

Do you know what are the precautions for peas after planting? Quality 80% pea protein isolate editor will show you a simple look.
After sowing the peas and before sprouting, you can use the weeding medicine to mix with the water and then spray it completely. After spraying the medicine, you must pay attention to it. It is recommended to do it when the soil is particularly wet after the rain. After spraying, no people or animals are allowed to enter the trampling. So as not to damage the drug layer and make the effect not obvious, but also pay attention to the concentration of the drug. If the weather is particularly dry, the concentration of the drug must be increased, and on the contrary, the concentration of the drug must be reduced, so that better effects can be obtained. Prevent the emergence of weeds. At the same time, it should be noted that the spraying must be thorough, and there should be no omissions. At the same time, it must not be sprayed in windy weather.

Quality 80% pea protein isolate editor reminds that when using drugs for prevention and treatment, we must pay attention to the concentration of drugs that are too strong or too light to achieve good results. When the small temple is unearthed and grows to 3 cm to 6 cm, or 10 cm to 13 cm, continuous cultivating and weeding are performed once. When hoeing the ground, the roots are also cultivated, but the soil layer that cannot be put in is too thick and too strict.
When the seedlings grow to a certain extent, thinning must be carried out in time, and one or two seedlings should be kept in each planting hole. It is generally not necessary to water too much before winter. In the spring, the temperature slowly rises. When entering the cycle, watering must be carried out as soon as possible. Watering will start to bloom every 7 days, and it is necessary to strengthen watering when pods are formed. The number of times, hang water once in three to four days. In arid areas in spring, timely adjacent water is conducive to the growth of vines and branches of seedlings, which greatly improves flowering and podging. In autumn, you must put enough base fertilizer, and it needs to be during its growth period. Topdressing two to three times.
The above is the editor of Quality 80% pea protein isolate: a brief introduction to the precautions for peas after planting.

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