80% pea protein isolate Wholesale Price introduces the edible knowledge of peas

How much do you know about the edible practices of peas? Today, the editor of 80% pea protein isolate Wholesale Price will show you a brief look.
1. Stir-fried tender pea pods
Method introduction: Put the bottom oil in the pot, put the dried chilies and fry them to get the fragrance, add the washed and picked pods and stir fry, add salt and pepper, and fry for about a minute. If you are afraid of not being cooked, you can add some water and simmer for a while When it comes out of the pot, you can put less chicken essence before turning off the heat. Then the pea pods are fried, and the Cuicui is very sweet and very delicious!
2. Stir-fried peas with shrimps
Method introduction: Wash the baby peas and use light salt water to fly for a while. Heat the oil in a wok. When the oil is 30% hot, put the prepared shrimp into the pan, quickly scatter it with a spoon, and fry it for about 10 seconds. Pour into a colander to control the oil; leave 25 grams of base oil in the wok, heat it, add chili and peas, stir fry a few times, then cook in the cooking wine, chicken broth, salt, and then add shrimps, thicken the glutinous rice with wet starch. It can be out of the pan after being cooked.

3. Three fresh peas
Method introduction: Wash the peas and drain the water; wash and dice winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms; peel the tomatoes with boiling water and dice. Put the pot on the fire, add the oil and cook until 50% hot, sauté the shallots and ginger slices, add the soup to a boil, add the peas, diced winter bamboo shoots, diced mushrooms, and diced tomatoes to a boil, add salt and cook until cooked, add MSG, Thicken the starch with water, drizzle with sesame oil, and cook it out.
The above is about 80% pea protein isolate Wholesale Price editor: a brief introduction to the edible practices of peas.

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