Low price Organicfavabean protein introduces the storage method of broad beans

Broad beans are delicious in spring around the beginning of summer, but if you want to eat fresh broad beans throughout the year, how should you preserve it? Follow the editor of Low price Organicfavabean protein to learn more about it!
1. First buy a certain amount of broad beans. Of course, the specific amount is determined according to the actual situation. If you want to eat more, prepare more.
2. Remove the broad bean skin, leaving the broad bean meat. When peeling, you can pick out all the bad ones and rinse them with cold water repeatedly.
3. Put the cleaned broad beans into the pot and pour a lot of water. Because the broad beans are lighter and will float on the water, there should be plenty of water and try not to touch the bottom of the pot.
4. Turn the heat to a large amount, the pot does not need to be covered, until the water in the pot starts to bubble slightly, then it is fine, no need to boil completely.

5. Prepare a stainless steel sieve, the plastic is not good enough. Put the sieve on an empty pot to filter the water on the broad beans directly.
6. Pour the broad beans in the pot directly into the sieve. Because of the effect of the sieve, do not leave a drop of hot water in the broad beans, otherwise the broad beans will be simmered and the color will not be bright.
7. Rinse the broad beans quickly with cold water until the broad beans are not hot at all. This action is the same as the previous one in order to maintain the color. So do it all in one go, don't rinse after a while.
8. Put the chilled broad beans directly into the refrigerator so that the broad beans can be preserved fresh. If you want to eat it after a few months, take it out of the refrigerator and fry it. The taste is still fresh.
The above is the introduction of Low price Organicfavabean protein editor: a brief introduction to the storage methods of broad beans.

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