Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price talks about broad bean field management tips

How much do you know about broad bean field management knowledge? Follow the editor of Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price to have a simple look!
1. Reasonable drainage and irrigation. The fields that adopt the "broad bean cultivation technique without tillage and direct seeding" should be sown with moisture, and the fields with more water content in the field should be drained in time to ensure the emergence of seedlings is the key to obtaining high yields of broad beans. During the flowering and pod stage of broad beans, irrigation should be arranged according to the soil moisture to avoid a large number of flowers and pods falling during the flowering and pod stage. At the same time, it is ensured that broad beans are fully filled to obtain the highest possible 100-seed weight.
2. Weed control. Pre-emergence weeding is better. Choose a suitable herbicide for "pre-emergence weeding" within 3 days after sowing of broad beans. Avoid using biocidal herbicides before sowing. The herbicide should be used strictly according to the instructions. After the emergence of broad beans, try to avoid chemical weeding as much as possible. Manual weeding and loosening of the soil are generally carried out from the budding stage to the flowering stage of broad beans.
3. Harvest at the right time. For dry grain production, when the leaves of the broad bean plant turn yellow and dry, and when the color of the plant stems are yellow and green, they are cut down and aired in the field with a windrower. When the whole plant is dry, it is threshed and cleaned with a threshing machine and sealed and fumigated. To prevent the bean weevil from harming.
The above is the editor of Organicfavabean protein Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the field management of broad beans.

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