80% chickpea protein introduces the practice of chickpea

Do you know how to make chickpeas? Follow the editor of 80% chickpea protein to understand it briefly!
1. Chickpea Sauce
Ingredients: 1 cup of chickpeas (pre-soaked and cooked) 2 garlic cloves, 2 lemons (juice), salt, 20g tahini, 100g olive oil, coriander, chili powder.
Method: Pour the chickpeas, garlic cloves, lemon juice, sesame paste, and salt into a food mixer to make a puree; pour into the dish, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with appropriate amount of coriander leaves and chili powder.
2. Chickpea Pumpkin Soup
Ingredients: pumpkin, chickpeas (soaked and cooked), lentils, white mushrooms, beef broth.
Method: Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, slice the white mushrooms, and cut the lentils into small pieces; stir-fry all the vegetables in oil for a few times and add water. Beef broth and chickpeas are simmered; add salt and pepper before serving.

3. Chickpea and Lamb Soup
Ingredients: 1 hand chickpeas, 1 carrot, 200g horseshoe, 10 Hami dates, 10 peppercorns, lamb shank, salt, coriander.
Method: A handful of chickpeas, soak in water overnight (the beans are different in size. The bigger the powder, the more powder. But the soaking time is longer, soak the small ones for a few hours). One carrot and four horseshoes. Hami dates, a dozen peppercorns and lamb shanks are simmered in a casserole for about two hours. Add salt and chopped coriander.
The above is the introduction of 80% chickpea protein editor: knowledge about the practice of chickpea.

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