80% chickpea protein introduces how to eat chickpea

How much do you know how to eat chickpeas? Follow the editor of 80% chickpea protein to learn more about it!
1. Jasmine hummus
1. Soak soybeans and chickpeas 8 hours in advance, wash and drain to remove water, prepare dried jasmine flowers and rock sugar;
2. Jasmine is washed with water to remove impurities on the surface;
3. Add 1000ml of boiling water to brew into flower juice;
4. Put the soaked soybeans and chickpeas into the net cover of the soymilk machine, and put the jasmine juice and rock sugar into the cup of the soymilk machine;
5. Start the soymilk machine to make soymilk;
6. Strain the bean dregs with a sieve, pour it into a bowl and drink it.
2. Chickpea porridge
1. Take appropriate chickpeas for future use;
2. Soak the chickpeas in water to soften;
3. Wash the rice;
4. Put the rice and soaked chickpeas into the porridge pot and cook;
5. It can be eaten right out of the pot.

Three, three diced chickpeas
1. Appropriate amount of chickpeas, soak in cold water;
2. Pour a little cold water into the pot and add some salt to boil the chickpeas until they are soft and peeled;
3. Wash the carrots and peel them, and wash the celery for later use;
4. Cut the washed carrots and celery into cubes the size of chickpeas;
5. Put the three ingredients into a bowl, add a little salt, sugar and sesame oil;
6. After the wok is heated, pour an appropriate amount of edible oil, add the pepper and dried chili, and fry it until fragrant. Pour the chili oil into the ingredients while it is hot and stir evenly. Put in a bowl and decorate the red pepper rings and celery leaves.
The above is the introduction of 80% chickpea protein editor: the knowledge about how to eat chickpea.

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