80% chickpea protein introduces the knowledge of land preparation and fertilization of chickpea

How much do you know about ground preparation and fertilization of chickpeas? Follow the editor of 80% chickpea protein to understand it briefly!
Choose dry land with middle and upper fertility level or plots with convenient irrigation and no salt and alkali damage, and establish a three-year rotation system with crops such as wheat, corn, sorghum, cotton and sugar beet. The soil quality is preferably sandy loam, and it is not suitable to grow chickpeas on saline-alkali land and continuous cropping land. After the previous crops are harvested, they should be plowed or plowed in autumn in time, and the depth of plowing should be 25-30 cm. In spring, timely rake, soil conservation and soil preparation shall be carried out. Before planting, soil preparation must meet the six-character standards of "equal, level, loose, broken, clean, and moisture" so that the soil is ready for planting.

Organic fertilizer should be used as the base fertilizer, which is sprayed directly into the field during autumn sowing, and the dosage is 1,000 kg per mu. Seed fertilizer should be ditched during sowing, 8-10 cm deep, and the fertilizer should be 5-8 cm away from the seed to avoid burning buds. The dosage is 10 kg/mu of three-material superphosphate. The root top dressing is carried out at the initial flowering stage, 10-15 cm away from the plant, 10-15 cm deep, and the dosage is 10-12 kg/mu of urea. The top dressing, ditching and soil cultivation operations are completed at one time. Foliar top dressing is carried out in the full blooming period, and the foliar spray is applied per acre with 5 grams of Pingshibao, 100 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 200 grams of urea.
In summary, the editor of 80% chickpea protein tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge of chickpea soil preparation and fertilization.

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