80% chickpea protein pest knowledge

Do you know everything about the pests of chickpeas? Follow the editor of 80% chickpea protein to understand it briefly!
Compared with other legume crops, chickpeas have fewer pests that damage chickpeas during field growth. Among the most serious ones are the bean pod borer, the beet armyworm and the cotton bollworm. Prevention method:
1. The bean pod borer can be controlled by endrin spray;

2. Beet armyworm, can use pyrethroid spray to control;
3. Cotton bollworm can be controlled by spraying endosulfan and pyrethroids. Different chickpea varieties have different resistances to P. chinensis, Spodoptera exigua and Helicoverpa armigera. The insect resistance of Dixie type varieties is significantly better than that of Capri type varieties. Therefore, if the insect pests are rampant in the planting area, you can consider replacing the Capri-type variety with the Dixie-type variety to improve the insect resistance of the variety.
In summary, the editor of 80% chickpea protein tells: a brief introduction to the pest-related knowledge of chickpea.

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