80% of the separation and purification knowledge of plant protein Manufacturers china!

80% plant protein Manufacturers china is mainly derived from rice noodles and beans, but the protein nutritional value of rice noodles and beans are different. So do you know the relevant knowledge of separation and purification using the difference in adsorption capacity? Let's take a look at it briefly!

Adsorption chromatography uses the difference in adsorption capacity of adsorbents for different substances to separate target substances. Generally speaking, the adsorption of protein to non-polar adsorbents such as activated carbon mainly relies on force and hydrophobicity, and the adsorption of polar adsorbents mainly relies on ionic bonds and hydrogen bonds. Among them, the hydrophobic adsorption chromatography technology has been widely used in the separation and purification of proteins and their biological macromolecules. A new type of biological separation method, mixed-mode adsorption chromatography technology, is mainly electrostatic and hydrophobic interaction. The results show that the target can be separated under both low-salt and high-salt conditions, and the separation efficiency is improved. Certain application value.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the separation and purification related knowledge of 80% plant protein Manufacturers china.

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