Do you know the extraction method of 80% plant protein?

Do you know the extraction method of 80% plant protein? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
1. Enzyme extraction method
The advantages of extracting 80% plant protein by enzymatic method are high efficiency, mild reaction conditions, safe operation and no harmful substances;
2. Salt solution extraction method
Salt dissolution can be defined as a phenomenon in which a small amount of neutral salt such as ammonium sulfate increases the surface charge of protein molecules, promotes the interaction between protein molecules and water molecules, and thereby increases the solubility of protein molecules in aqueous solutions. The advantage of the salt solution method is that it maintains the natural conformation of the protein and is not easily denatured, but the extraction rate and purity are low.

3. Organic solvent extraction method
The organic solvent extraction method is mainly for proteins that are insoluble in water, acid, lye, and dilute salt solutions. Because these proteins and lipids are firmly bound, they are only soluble in organic solvents with strong lipophilicity such as ethanol and acetone. Operate at low temperature to prevent protein denaturation.
In summary, the editor tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of the extraction method of 80% plant protein.

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