Organic chickpea protein tells: the storage knowledge of chickpea!

Chickpeas are plants of the genus Garbanzos in the leguminous family. Annual grass or perennial climbing herb. So do you know all about its storage knowledge? Let's follow the editor of Organic chickpea protein to have a simple understanding!

Chickpea has a long flowering and pod-setting period, and the pod-setting parts are scattered, and the maturity periods of the upper and lower parts of the plant are often inconsistent. Therefore, it is advisable to harvest in time when 70% of the pods are yellow and white, and the seeds and pods have been separated. If harvesting is too early, there will be many immature grains; if harvesting is too late, pods will fall seriously. The harvest can be uprooted by hand or harvested with a sickle. After harvesting, it is transported to the drying yard for drying, pressing and threshing, and manual lifting and cleaning. Where conditions permit, lifting and cleaning machines can be used for cleaning. The cleared chickpea grains should be spread out and aired in time until the moisture content reaches below 12%, and then fumigated with aluminum phosphide and stored in the warehouse. Bean weevil is a pest that easily occurs when chickpeas are stored. A more effective method is to fumigate them with drugs such as aluminum phosphide. During storage, attention should be paid to ventilation, cooling and dehumidification.
In summary, the editor of Organic chickpea protein tells: a brief introduction to the storage knowledge of chickpea.

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