Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: What are the tips for planting peas!

Do you know the little knowledge of peas planting? Follow the editor of Organic pea protein price china to have a simple understanding!
1. It is advisable to use sandy loam or clay loam with good drainage and PH 6.0-7.5. Continuous cropping of peas is avoided. It is ideal if it can be rotated with rice.
2. Sowing amount: The amount of seed for net seeding is about 5-7 kg per mu, and the seeds should be disinfected. Each kg of seeds should be disinfected with 0.5 g of 50% Dixon WP to prevent seedling rot.

3. Planting method: peas can be pure or interplanted. For pure seed, the open moisture is 2 to 4 meters, the row spacing is 40 cm, and the pond spacing is 20 cm. When tobacco bean interplanting, two rows of soil moisture are planted, and the pond spacing is 20 cm. Sow 3 to 4 seeds per hole, and cover the seeds with farm manure after sowing. If the seedling rot is serious on the plot, it is better to cover with soil and sand.
4. Fertilization: Apply 2,000-3,000 kg of decomposed farmyard manure or 40 kg of compound fertilizer per mu as base fertilizer. After germination and emergence, spray 400 times urea water 3-4 times on the leaf surface, which is conducive to growth. The three elements of fertilizer should be used in combination, especially potassium fertilizer is not necessary to prevent the vine leaves from becoming weak or elongated. The amount of pea fertilization should be increased or decreased according to the fatness and thinness of the land.
In summary, the editor of Organic pea protein price china tells: a brief introduction to the cultivation of peas.

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