Organic pea protein price china small class explanation: Introduction to the protective measures of pea?

Pea is a long-day crop that likes to be cold and cold. If you want to plant it in all seasons, you have to screen out varieties that are slow to light, cold-tolerant and heat-resistant, early-maturing, and highly stress-resistant. After years of experimentation, Zhongma 4 and Zhongma 6 were selected from 8 varieties, including the Zhongpi series, Pearl Green, and Baiyu Pea. These two varieties are not sensitive to light, have short growth periods and have large sowing periods. , High output, high quality and other advantages. Supplemented by the application of cultivation facilities such as plastic film greenhouses, large sheds and shade net sheds, the four-season cultivation of peas can be successfully realized. So how much do you know about its protective measures? Follow the editor of Organic pea protein price china to have a simple understanding!

1. Among the anti-freezing measures, Pea No. 4 and No. 6 have strong frost resistance in the seedling stage, but their frost resistance drops sharply after flowering, and the pods need a certain temperature during the long-grain filling stage. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate peas in a greenhouse in winter. The plastic film should be buckled and covered to prevent cold and heat preservation. Before the short-term strong cold current comes, it should be temporarily covered with cold-proof materials to protect the young green bean pods from freezing damage.
2. Sun-shading and cooling measures. Summer cultivation is due to high temperature, fast growth, short growth period, and small and few pods. Therefore, the sunshade net should be covered at the right time to effectively reduce the direct sunlight, which can reduce the air temperature and ground temperature, increase the soil humidity, and promote The growth of individual plants increases yield.
In summary, the editor of Organic pea protein price china tells: the knowledge about the protective measures of pea.

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