Organic pea protein price china tells: little knowledge about pest control of pea!

How much do you know about pest control of peas? Follow the editor of Organic pea protein price china to have a simple understanding!
1. Rot
Symptoms: The disease can occur from seedlings to adult plants. In the flowering period, the disease is mostly infected, mainly affecting the root or stem base. The leaves of the diseased plant first turn yellow, and then gradually develop to the middle and upper parts, causing the whole plant to turn yellow and wither. The main and lateral roots become dark brown or earthy red, and the nodules and root hairs are significantly reduced, and the plants are dwarfed, the stems are thin, and the leaves and branches are wilted or withered.
Cause of disease: The pathogen spreads through soil, diseased tissues and seeds, and penetrates through seed coats and lateral roots. It is easy to be confused with fusarium wilt. Generally, the disease is severe in drought years.

2. Brown spot disease
Symptoms: Mainly damage leaves, stems and pods. The diseased leaves show irregular lavender spots. Under high temperature and high humidity conditions, the diseased spots spread rapidly and cover the entire leaf. Later, the diseased leaves turn yellow and twist and die, and some are dark brown irregular ring spots and central necrosis. Produce black dots. The pathogenic bacteria mainly overwinter on the seeds and spread by wind and rain. Sowing too early or suffering from low temperature and cold damage, or the soil is sticky and heavy, the humidity is too high, or the partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, the plant is prone to long-term disease.
Agricultural control: 2-3 years of crop rotation for severely ill fields and non-leguminous vegetables. At the same time, seeds should be disinfected. After presoaking in cold water for 4-5 hours, soak in 50℃ warm water for 5 minutes, then cool and dry. sowing. Appropriate close planting and increase potash fertilizer.
The above is the introduction of the editor of Organic pea protein price china: a brief introduction to the pest control of pea, I hope you can learn more.

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