Cheapest Organic pea protein tells: knowledge of peas cultivation!

Pea is cultivated in many areas of our country, and it is easy to encounter some problems in the process of cultivation. If you want it to be high-yield, you must pay attention to the cultivation period and some management methods. Let’s follow the editor of Cheapest Organic pea protein for a brief look!
1. Cultivation guidelines
This is different from others in that it cannot be cultivated continuously. Some other crops can even be planted three times a year, while it requires mixed cropping or intercropping. Due to crop rotation, it will produce some viruses by itself, aggravating the occurrence of pests and diseases. Under severe circumstances, its own output value will be greatly reduced or even the quality will drop, and the seed will be small. Therefore, in order to obtain a higher output value, we mixed and intercropped with other crops.

2. Carry out seed selection and germination
This kind of seed is relatively small, and it is not easy to survive when the temperature is relatively low. Before cultivation, we need to carry out germination treatment. Need to screen out the seeds of poor quality, soak them with 40% color water, and remove the ones that float on the surface and some that are corroded by diseases and insect pests. After that, soak the selected ones in warm water, soak them for 30 minutes, wrap them in a damp cloth, and place them in a greenhouse for cultivation. The temperature of the greenhouse can be controlled at 25 degrees Celsius, and more than 70% of them will grow white dew. Cultivated.
3. Reasonable fertilization
Before flowering, we have to make up for its fertility and add water together to promote its flowering and development. Make up for the fertilizer once more than the time of pod setting. This time the additional amount is larger, and there are enough nutrients for later development, but the frequency of watering should be reduced and the soil surface should be kept moisturized. In the whole growth process, probably only the two nutrient supplements are needed, and the fertilizer is applied together to make up the water. In the later stage, no fertilizer will be applied and no watering will be carried out.
The above is the editor of Cheapest Organic pea protein introduced the sowing method of peas, you can learn more about it.

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