The 80% mungbean protein price tells you: Do you know what it is about mungbean soil preparation and dense planting?

Do you know what the ground preparation and dense planting of mung beans are? Let's follow the editor of 80% mungbean protein price to have a simple understanding!
1. Site preparation
Because mung bean is a dicotyledonous crop, the cotyledons are unearthed, and the seedling top soil ability is weak. If the soil is compacted or there is too much soil, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of lack of seedlings, broken ridges or uneven seedlings. Therefore, before sowing, deep ploughing and fine harrowing, fine land preparation, and raking the soil are required to loosen the soil, store water and preserve moisture, prevent soil compaction, and the upper part is virtual and the lower part is solid, so as to facilitate the implementation of crop rotation and stubble emergence.

Second, close planting
The planting density of mung beans should be determined according to the characteristics of the variety and soil fertility. Generally, the principles of early-maturing varieties are dense, late-maturing varieties are sparse; erect type is dense, semi-vine type is sparse, vine type is sparse; fertile land should be thin, lean land should be dense; early seeding is thin, late seeding is dense. Mung beans are generally early-maturing varieties, the suitable density for low-water and fertilizer plots is 180,000-200,000, and the seedlings between rice are 11-15; for medium-maturing varieties, the suitable density for medium-water and fertilizer conditions is 150,000-170,000, and the suitable density for rice is 8-10. Plants; for late-maturing varieties, the appropriate density for high water and fertilizer conditions should be 120,000-140,000 plants, and 7-8 plants for seedlings between rice.
In summary, the editor of 80% mungbean protein price tells: About the introduction of mungbean soil preparation and dense planting knowledge, you can learn more.

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