80% mungbean protein price small class explanation: What are the production habits and purchasing knowledge of mungbean?

Mung beans are temperature-loving, and the suitable temperature for emergence and growth is 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, and higher temperatures are required during the growth period. It starts to sprout at 8 to 12 degrees. During flowering and pod setting, the temperature is generally between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, the stems and leaves will grow too vigorously, which will affect the flowering and pod setting. Mung beans are not tolerant to frost in the later stages of growth. When the temperature drops below 0℃, the plants will freeze to death and the germination rate of seeds will be low. So do you know how to buy mung beans? Let's follow the editor of 80% mungbean protein price to have a simple understanding!

1. Identify whether mung beans are fresh. When choosing mung beans, you must pay attention to choosing mung beans that are mold-free, insect-free, and non-deteriorating. Fresh mung beans should be bright green, and old mung beans will turn yellow.
2. Identify whether mung beans are contaminated. To see whether mung beans are contaminated, one is to see whether the mung beans are dry and wrinkled, and the other is to see whether the mung beans have a pungent chemical smell.
3. Mung beans with well-proportioned size and no impurities and worm eyes are high-quality mung beans; inferior mung beans contain a lot of impurities such as sand and stones, and most of them are mung beans with high water content and easy to be damp and moldy. You can feel it by reaching into the mung bean pocket by hand Dampness.
In summary, the editor of 80% mungbean protein price tells: Regarding the growth habits and purchase knowledge of mungbean, I hope you can learn more through the above introduction.

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