Do you know the extraction method of 80% mungbean protein price?

Before extracting 80% mungbean protein price, it should be processed by soaking, drying, crushing and sieving. The selection of the extraction method for 80% mungbean protein price is very important. The extraction method directly affects the protein content and the quality of the peptide.

At present, the extraction methods of 80% mungbean protein price mainly include alkaline solution acid precipitation method, hot water extraction method, ultrasonic assisted extraction method, enzymatic extraction and so on. Alkali-dissolved acid precipitation method is currently a very mature method for protein extraction. By optimizing the extraction conditions of alkaline-soluble acid precipitation method, the extraction rate of protein reaches 22.1% under the conditions of 40℃, pH10, and material-liquid ratio 1:15. However, this method also has disadvantages such as low purity of the extracted protein and long time-consuming. The hot water extraction method is mainly a protein extraction method proposed to prevent excessive acid-base from affecting its biological activity. The protein content obtained by the hot water extraction method after optimization of the process is 814.1μg/mL. However, this method takes a long time and the protein extraction rate is low, which is easy to cause protein denaturation. The ultrasonic assisted extraction method is a protein extraction method supplemented with a new technology on the traditional alkaline extraction and acid precipitation process, which has the advantages of simple operation and high protein extraction rate. The enzymatic extraction efficiency is high, the protein extraction rate is high, but the cost is relatively high. With the development of science and technology, the protein extraction method will become more and more perfect, it will replace the traditional alkaline extraction and acid precipitation method.
In summary, it is an introduction to the extraction method of 80% mungbean protein price. I hope you can learn more about it through the above introduction.

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