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Beibei series longkou vermicelli


Delicious and nutritious.




Vermicelli was first recorded in 《qi min yao shu》.More than 300

years ago, zhaoyuan area vermicelli was made of peas and green

beans , it is famous for transparent colour and smooth feel .Because

vermicelli is exported from longkou port, it is named "longkou

vermicelli". In 2002,LONGKOU vermicelli  Obtain National origin

protection and only can be produced  in zhaoyuan, longkou, penglai,

laiyang, laizhou  . And only produced with  mung beans or peas can

be called "longkou vermiclli“.

SHUANGTA food as a typical representative of longkou

vermicelli,inheriting six generation producing technology.We invite

the heritage of people of China's intangible cultural ----GUO LAN

TANG as the technical consultant ,focus on food health to make very bundle vermicelli.




“Shuangta” brand longkou vermicelli is double award winner of

“China famous brand” and “Famous Trademark of China”.And

has won “Quality award of the people's Republic of China” “Gold

medal of China food Expo” “Gold medal of China agricultural food

Expo” ,we are the only factory won "famous brand product " in the

vermicelli industry of China agricultural food .In 2015, Shuangta was

listed in the "national circular economy education demonstration

base"By the national development and reform commission , take the

national science and technology support projects, CEO Mr Yang

Junmin won "top ten business leader of Chinese listed companies",


On September 21, 2010, shuangta food (stock code: 002481) was

successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.It opens a new

chapter in the development of enterprises and the whole industry.


No preservatives and additives

Layer upon layer to create delicious


Best-selling products - beibei series longkou vermicelli


The domestic main product is the best selling product series of Shuangta free

brand. It is produced by the Northeast high-quality green beans and Canadian

peas, without any preservatives and additives.We produced the Longkou

vermicelli based on over 20 years experience. The product has a bright color,

smooth taste and can be cooked constantly  for a long time.It is suitable for

daily cooking dishes, soups and Hot pot.




Shuangta vermicelli, high-quality  benchmark in vermicelli industry, the six generation process inheritance, paying attention to good

products,no preservatives and additives ,providing  high-quality and healthy products,is the  lifelong fans of consumer .